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    I saw a few threads about resets on the 650, but this is different and was ALSO happening on my 600.

    This morning it happened for the first time on my 650.

    I was in Sprint PCS BizConn app. Scrolling through voicemails. Received an inbound call and clicked "ignore". The phone did a soft-reset.

    My 600 used to reset a lot when getting inbound calls - one of the key reasons I upgraded. So, I'm hoping there's not a pattern here with the 650.

    Other than downloading the update to the BizConn client, I've installed nothing except for two ringers from the Sprint site.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance...
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    Mine resets on incoming calls from time to time also. I have a Treo 650 with Mp3ringer. I have a feeling it has alot to do with 3rd party application. When I to dial pad and ##377 dial I get reset was caused by "phone" application. For how im disabling my ringer application and seeing how it behaves.
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    Ah yes, forgot to include that info:

    A reset was caused at 9:02 while running "Biz Conn":

    Line: 3721, NULL handle

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