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    From reviewing these posts it looks like 2 Mb is largest card and that the x60 Ultra format works well with the 650.

    Is this correct? And where is the best deal?

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    2 mb? really? Thats funny i have got a 512MB and a 1GB working at the moment you mean 2 GB yeah? LOL sorry i dont know of anydeals but theres been a few posted you done a search?
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    Yes - 2GB - must be a metric conversion issue.
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    You can go to PriceWatch to find good deals (make sure you look at the box unit prices and not the bulk prices).

    I got a Kingston 256Mb 60x SD card for $27 shipped. Be aware that 60x (9-10 MB/s) cards DO NOT perform any faster than regular (2 MB/s) SD cards on the 650. The 650 reads and writes them fine, it just doesn't take advantage of the higher speed. You can do a search in these forums for more about that subject.

    You're better off getting a cheaper, 2 MB/s, higher capacity (more space) card than a 60x.
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    Yes, the Treo 600 does a nice job with the SD card support. Only complaint here is lack of power to run most SDIO devices, though I have never personally tried them myself.

    I have 3 256MB cards that
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    Found on Outpost a Sandisk 1GB Secure Digital Ultra II 10MB/s for $84.99 less a $15.00 Rebate. Net cost: $70.00 plus $5 ground ship.

    Fry's (Outpost) also has a standard 1 GB SD for $64.99 less $15 rebate. So $50 plus shipping.
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    J&R has the PNY 1GB SD card for $49.88 plus $4.95 shipping, after a $30 rebate.

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