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    Greetings Treo people!
    I've been reading on this forum for a while. Been a 300/600 & now a 650 user..on a MAC!
    Of course I have the memory issue.
    Has anyone figured out a way to REMOVE not hide apps in ROM such as versamail and all the MM crap it installs? I use Snappermail as I've found it to be far superior for pop3 mail.
    Thanks in advance...
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    you cannot delete apps in ROM
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    ROM stands for Read Only Memory. So you can't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    you cannot delete apps in ROM
    Well you can if it's flash ROM. I'm sure he's asking if a product like Jack Flash can be used on the Treo 650. Many of the old Handspring Visor products didn't use Flash Rom (which allowed to you update the OS), but most every other model of Palm allowed you to completely modify the "ROM" portion of your palm to include deleting "useless" programs in ROM and replacing them with your favorites thus freeing up RAM space.

    So the real question is: Does the Treo 650 use Flash ROM like all the latest non-phone Palm products?

    Quote Originally Posted by XistBoi
    ROM stands for Read Only Memory. So you can't.
    I suppose if you knew nothing about ROM you might feel this way.
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    Since P1 is talking about a ROM update to fix the memory issue, I would hazzard a guess that the 650 has flashable ROM.

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