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    Please use this thread to ask questions about Wireless Sync and post your feedback.

    I'll do my best to answer your questions.
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    Does this mean you're with Verizon or the software company that wrote Wireless Sync?

    On the 650 could Verizon just leave the standard email app so those of us with Macs or who don't want/can't use Wireless Sync can have an option? I had to buy $$ Snapper mail for my 600 since I have Verizon and a Mac.
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    i got WS to sync emails, but it didn't sync any contacts or calendar entries, what other info would you need to help answer this question also? thanks
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    Wireless Sync options are too limited on VZW with Palm OS devices: Kyocera 7135 and Treo 600 only.

    I'd like to use VZW with a bluetooth phone (V710) and a Tungsten 5, for example. How is that possible?
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    ok, i figured out that it didn't take contacts/calendar from the "global" folders, is there anyway for it to do that?
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    I just got a Treo 600 from Verizon. I read all the hype about the 650 and I'm cool with what I have. But then I installed the convoluted piece of CR@P called Wreless Sync. You talk about taking something so simple and then overcomplicating it. Yes that what I'm talking about folks. It contradicted everything that the install disk does. So my question is what are people doing who want *SIMPLE* POP3 email on their Treo's. So far I tried Eudora ( a very old version ) but I like its simple UI but it seems to have some compatabilities with the Treo. I used to use on my old Kyocera 7135. Any comments????
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    Unfortunately non-Verizon 600's come with at least a basic email application. You can buy it for $36 at PalmOne last time I checked.
    Best bet is to check out Snapper Mail. it costs but at least seems to be relaible and have nice features.
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    Are you planning to answer any questions?
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    scowboy - if you aren't interested in WS, you could try VersaMail 2.7 from palmOne. it's a good basic email problem that will handle your POP mail well. you can buy it on the palmOne web site; i believe it is a little cheaper then Snappermail.
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    beryl - i understand what you would like to accomplish with the T5 and V710 (my mother has both and uses her V710 as a modem), but i do not believe it will work with WS. WS "pings" with the smartphone checking for updates, etc. directly - my understanding is it is not designed to work through a modem like the V710.
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