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    Is there any way to set the order of contacts so they are filed by first name. the only choices I have are Last Name/First Name or Company/Last Name.

    This is driving me nuts
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    go to the contacts and press menu. go to options then preferences. you can change the display options there.

    good luck

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    Did that and my only choices are last name/first name or company/last name
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    Sounds like you might need a more powerful add on application. Did you check out or handango?

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    I'm not surprised that a first-name sort isn't a default option in Contacts, though it would be nice. The easiest way I know to find people by first name is to use the Phone application instead. Just set the preferences so that "typing starts Contacts search."

    Now, when you want to find someone by either first or last name, hit the phone button when you pick up your Treo and start typing. "jen" will find "jennifer smith" and "peter jennings," but that's fast enough in a few keystrokes to find who you're looking for. Just click on the name instead of the number to view the full contact information (rather than dialing).
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    I'd like to hear from the ppl who have used 3rd party Contacts apps on their Treo. Which ones work well with the Treo Phone App?? As much of a Palm OS fanboy that I am, I always thought they did a **** poor job on the Contacts App.

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