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    I just read about this in the Times yesterday and tried it out.
    I guess you have to have a library card from the NYPL, but maybe you can now get that online.
    But once you do, you can download the MobPocket reader and then you "borrow" their titles. You download the .prc and it supposedly expires after 21 days. (You can also download them as pdf's.) They have a pretty good list, current titles and all.
    They have a certain number of licenses for each title, so if it's not available, you put yourself on a waiting list.
    The best thing is that the reader and the titles can totally live on a memory card. In fact, I uninstalled the desktop app they had, and I just use the palm install tool. They crash if I try to put it directly on the card, so I have to sync it to the Treo and then move it to the card. (You could also use a card reader to do that.)
    If you are interested, it's at -- look for the ebooks link.
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    A non-resident library card costs $100/year.
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    dennisl, thanks for the info!
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    This is absolutely amazing. I'm glad to see an organization trying to leverage technology in this fashion. I've just applied for my library card and cannot wait to read books on my treo for free instead of the over-priced charges normally associated with eBooks.

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    Why do they have a waiting list? While you gain the advantage of convenience of not having to go down to the library to pick up/drop off, not distributing the ebooks like PalmGear (multiple simultaneous copies of the software where the expiration date is set from the time of installation) is a poor use of available technology.
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    Maybe it's not working yet, (it's only been up a week or so) but it's supppsed to let multiple copies out, up to what there license is.

    Actually, I've always been impressed with the NYPL's online systems. Their reserve system is great, and gives you real time access to the whereabouts every volume in thier branches. There's many a retailer who do not have a system like this.
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    Thanks for the Info! I live in the Bay Area and the San Jose Public Library has something similar.

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