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    Just got the Boxwave and love it. But, a big piece of lint got under the screen while I was putting it on and I can't get the protector back up to remove the lint. The instructions say to use a piece of scotch tape in the corner to bring it up. but that doesn't work for me. Any suggestions on how to remove the protector?
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    Jackhammer?? Dynamite?? I used a thin cardboard card to scrape up the corner.
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    nevermind, I was using "weak" scotch tape. got some heavier duty stuff and it worked.
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    I used the tape method per their site - wrks fine but be careful not to pull too fast as it bent mine :L) Put a piece of tape on it from the lower corner (or upper if that is where u have the little gap wity the screen exposed) then pull in opposiute direction to peel it back...
  5. #5 that you successfully peeled it off, were you able to actually improve the lint/dust situation? I found that it was near impossible to prevent trapping some dust particles under the protector....I guess my home is too dusty with lots of dust particles floating around. But once you peel it off...can you actually clean that sticky side?
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    You can search the forum for details - some people go a little buts about the rceommendation was to apply the protector in a bathroom with the shower running so the humidity keep dust down.

    I washed the boxwave with liquid soap and water, then used a blow dryer carefully (not too much heat in one place, etc.) to dry it. I used scotch tape to remove as much of the dust from the screen as possible then applied the boxwave.

    Of course 1 hour later there is dust. I don't care too much- the goal was to not scratch the screen and it does that just fine
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    Right. I have some dust specks trapped, but I'm guessing that trying to improve it will likely make it worse. I'll get used to it, and like you said, the goal is not to scratch the screen. And these Crystal-Clear protectors really ARE very clear, except for the trapped dust particles you can hardly tell its there. I like it.
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    i applied mine abosolutely flawless. a perfect seal not even a speck to withold. of course 2 days later i had to replace that phone and the new one has 2 specks that are the bane of my existence. well not really but it sucked
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    actually, I had tons more dust the second time I put it on, go figure. but that big peice of lint was gone, so im still happier. The secret is, put it on immediately after taking off the adhesive backing and have it real close to the treo when you do, so as not to expose the protector to any unnecessary dust. once you take it on and off 10 times to get it just right, that's when the dust starts getting it on.
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    Has anyone used the treocentral brand ones - they say they are the same manufacturer as boxwave and are a better one gets to support treocentral

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