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    QMate vs. PocketQuicken

    Opinions, please!

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    PocketMoney, by Catamount Software

    Nice PalmOS-style interface, has two-way conduits for Mac and Windows (Pocket Quicken has only one-way), handles multiple currencies, and more.

    I'm a long-time user of PocketMoney for the Apple Newton, and I'm very pleased with the PalmOS version as well.
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    pocketquicken, but only because I use Quicken 2000 on my desktop. I can enter expenses on my VDX, sync to the destop, and it'll enter it into my register. I'll then have an up to date account balance on my VDX as well.


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    But pocket quicken is SOOO Expensive!! $40!! Should be at a pocket price if you ask me! Omni remote is only $20! I registered that one for sure! But I'm thinking about the pocketquicken since I did enjoy the demo.

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    QMate works well enough but synching is a 2 step process: palm deposits a file on the pc then you have to open quicken on your pc, start Quicken, and import the file into your register. If you synch and then forget to import the file into your Quicken, it is erased on the next synch. It is possible to re-synch once-synched transactions but what a hassle. Ok, maybe that was more than 2 steps.

    Don't know much about Quicken for the palm but if it synchs directly, its well worth it. Me? I write the transaction on the back of the checkbook then manually enter it into Quicken, bypassing the palm completely.
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    yes walt, pocketquicken syncs directly wiht quicken...after the hotsync, you open quicken and a message pops up asking if you'd like to enter the following into your register (the items you just synced). That's it.

    However, I agree, it's overpriced for what you get. It's practically the same price as the PC version and can't do 1/10th the amount the PC version does. All it does is keep track of your balances, allow you to enter items and sync them. Not a whole lot else.
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    I agree with mportuesi. Pocketmoney is the way to go. The conduits work great although the payees don't transfer as of yet.

    It's $30 and is geared to be a replacement for Quicken on the PC, not an adjunct such as QMate or PocketQuicken. It works great. It even has reconcile functions. The newest beta is much faster when you have a large number of transactions.

    I imported 4 years of checkbook data into the program and it only takes up about 160K. The program itself is only 99K.

    It's shareware so you can try before you buy. The software times out after 30 days but is fully functional during the trial.

    The author is always looking for ways to improve the program. I sent a couple of bug reports on the latest beta and he was very responsive in getting back to me with results.

    That's my 2 cents.

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    Thanks for the tips! I was wondering which verions of PocketMoney mr. wizard & mportuesi are using. I've seen what appear to be two different products called PocketMoney at various sites.

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    I'm using PocketMoney 1.2b3, English edition. The last "stable" edition was 1.1, though I haven't encountered any bugs in the version I'm using. 1.2 is necessary for desktop sync support.

    From what I'm gathering in this thread, PocketMoney syncs somewhat like QMate does. The desktop conduit saves a .QIF file, and you import it into Quicken. Likewise, you can export all of your transactions from Quicken, and the PocketMoney conduit will transfer them to your handheld - so you can carry all of the information stored in Quicken around with you.

    PocketMoney's developer (Catamount Software) is really responsive to user feedback, which is one reason why PocketMoney has earned a great reputation with its users. It's one reason why I'm sticking with PocketMoney on my move from Newton to Palm, even though there are other choices on the Palm OS.

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    I've registered and used both, and I use Pocket Quicken now; I got it for $30 when they first released it.

    Pocket Quicken's most often-mentioned shortcoming (only one-way communication with desktop Quicken) will be overcome in the next release, due in the first part of 2000 (at least, that's according to their website -

    QMate's Steve Dakin was very responsive to bug fixes and users' requests for features, but it's been literally years since I've heard from him; has he come up with any significant upgrades? If so, I've never been notified of them, and as a registered user, I think I should have been. I guess you can take that under advisement.
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    Where did you find the news release regarding the new version of PocketQuicken? I couldn't find anything on the Landware site that said they would release a new version Q1 2000. Did they mention any details about what's in the update?

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    Okay Randy, I did find one quick mention of a new PocketQuicken release in Q1/00. It was in the PQ FAQ section:

    "3. Can I download my Quicken register to my Palm?

    Not currently. Pocket Quicken allows you to download categories and classes from your desktop to organize expenses. Pocket Quicken allows you to add new transactions on the road, but it does not support the downloading and editing of transactions created on your desktop. This feature will be implemented in our next revision due to be released in the first quarter of 2000 (QTR 1- 00) Upgrades will be free to registered owners."

    Looks like they will be adding transaction downloads from desktop to palm. Cooool! Looks like the new version of PQ might be the way to go for we Quicken desktop users!

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