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    Does anyone know if the latest pocket mirror works with the 650 and hotsync software? I have not been able to sync my calendar, contacts, todo, and memos everything else syncs except those items. I thought I would try pocketmirror. It gives me an error message something like you have a conduit error more than one app is trying to use the PIMS. In hotsync the only thing listed for those items is pocketmirrorxt so I don't understand how it is coming up with that error message.
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    do you see activesync enabled there? that is the bundled app that may be conflicting
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    No activesync listed in the conduits.
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    sorry, I don't have a 650 yet to help any more ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jayzee
    No activesync listed in the conduits.
    It is a separate install. The 650 doesn't us mirror. Put your Sprint CD that came with the 650 in, and on the autoplay opening screen, you will see a choice giving you the option to install software to sync with outlook data. That will then install the ActiveSync conduit.
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    I installed from the sprint disk first when I got the 650. I have never been able to sync with that method. That is why I am trying pocketmirror.
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    So, are you saying you tried the palmOne outlook conduit then switched to Chapurra? What were the issues with the palmOne conduit and could they be the same issue that Pocket Mirror is having?
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    I could never get contacts, calendar, todos, or memos to sync. I get error messages and then when it backups the device it always resets in the middle of the hotsync backup.
    I am trying pocketmirror to see if I can sync with outlook, but I can't get it to work either. It somehow thinks that palm outlook is still in the conduits and gives me a PIM message to the effect of two conduits are trying to use the same PIM.
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    I believe PocketMirror Pro XT will sync your data with outlook. But, you have to pay for it.
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    I have had the same problem as well on my WinXP system with Outlook 2003 at home. When HotSync finishes it tells me to view the log for a list of errors. Within the log there are several OLERR errors. One for Calander, Contacts and Notes. I called Sprint and they told me that Palm is aware of the issue and is working on a fix. Here is the link for the problem.,CASE=31167

    Oddly though I can sync to my office PC which has Win2K of Outlook2K with no errors. Oh well, I sure hope they can fix this soon.
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    Pocket Mirror Pro XT works fine w/the 650. Only problem is you have to pay for it.

    I found that the Outlook conduit included w/the 650 screwed up my contacts in Outlook (it kept stripping out part of the home address). No such problems w/PM Pro XT.
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    OK gang... here is something else to try.

    Exit Outlook
    Click on Start/Run
    In the pop up box key in "outlook.exe /resetfolders"
    Outlook will open

    This has solved my problem and I am now able to sync my Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes. Best of luck, hope this helps others.
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    I got Pocket Mirror Standard XT when I got the OLERR error. It works better than the regular conduits. Only get pro if you need to synch multiple folders, otherwise, Standard is 20 bucks cheaper. This was the only fix that would work. Sprint and PalmOne (the worst customer service I have ever experienced) had me install and uninstall the software 16 times (no exagerration). The Sprint Tech Support guy told me it is an Outlook error that I need to contact microsoft. He changed his tune when I told him the error is caused by software from their product so they need to fix it. After reinstalling I get this error every time Hotsyncy starts (whether I start is manually or when my computer starts) c:\progra~\Hansp~\packinst.dll is missing, Hotsynch will skip. This popped up after the ninth or tenth reinstall. I can still synch everything because of Pocket Mirror, but this error I have to click on is very stupid. I assume this error was the reason for the corruption of the conduits that came with palm. Did you know that if you try to e-mail for tech support on the palmone site, when you hit submit, it sends you to, which has no technical support at all. This is appauling to be treated like second class citizens after payint 650 bucks for the phone. PalmOne is supposed to get back to me about the problem. If they tell me to reinstall one more time, I am telling them to go to hell. I will not spend another two hours setting up my phone after they have me hard reset it.

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