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    will all programs that run on palm three work on the visor??
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    Mostly. There are a few that might not. I used a Palm III for nearly a year and a half, so I have some experience in this area. What are the programs in question?
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    well like i have seen some apps. that say like for the palm pilot but i was wondering if they will work fine with the visor or if they might be designed specially for the palms buttons, ect.
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    All the buttons and basic operations between the PalmPilot and the Visor are the same. The Visor is a PalmPilot clone. There have been a few compatibility issues for certain hacks or special programs that seem to clash with some changes Handspring made in the OS, but i'd say 97% or more of the programs that are made for the PalmIII are compatible with Handspring's Visor

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