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    Does anyone know where 650 is storing the graffitti shortcuts and the way to add and edit them? Using the old cursive motion, I can get breakfast by writing br. But I want to add my own.
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    Good question. I saw the file that it stored on (used FileZ), but I don't seem to see a way to access it either, I too would like to add my own.
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    I am able to use the graffiti shortcuts I copied them over from the 600 and use newpen. I have not found a way to add or edit them on the 650 though.
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    P1 wouldnt have taken out the ability to edit shortcuts.... Or would they? I came to rely on shortcuts that I created and edited to suit my own use. Anyone have any info on this?
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    We've been over tis one. The short answer is yes, they did indeed take out the ability to add to the Graffiti shortcuts. At least in some apps, though, they try to help you out by offering an "autocomplete" capability.

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    Warning plug alert!!

    I would try using ShortCut5 (freeware available from palmgear) which is a shortcut replacement utility (it uses '.' instead of the cursive 'l'). It allows for longer shortcuts (up to 4k) and for some special processing within a shortcut (like custom datestamps). Let me know if you have any questions or problem in using this app.


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