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    I can't remember where it was (maybe here?), but I read something about Afterburner. It's supposed to be overclocking software for the V. I heard of one guy running his V at 22Mhz. Does anyone know of this product, and can it be used on the Visor? I'll try and find out more myself. Thought you might be interested...
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    Lots of people here use it. Look for it at Palmgear.
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    Does it really work on the Visor and do you notice the increase in performance?

    Still looking for someone on it's way to Europe via Schiphol Airport...
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    I've been using my IVx for four three days now, but had downloaded Afterburner because of everything I heard about it. Once everything installed and I figured out how to "turn it on" I was shocked at how much faster the unit ran. It was fine before, but Afterburner really got things going! I've had absolutely no problems with it or anything it else (so far) and I've about about 4 mb of schtuff installed. Good luck!
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    Don't forget: A major feature of Afterburner is that it's an underclocking utility as well. Underclocking helps to keep your battery use down when you're using apps that really don't need "high performance" and tend to be used for long periods at a time, like doc readers and pocketchess. In fact, I've only used Afterburner for underclocking, since the Visor is already as snappy as they come, which, for me, is enough.
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    I was told not to use Afterburner b/c it overclocks....and overcloacking can fry the processer and couse hard resets.........
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    yep...that is if you overdo it

    6 mhz isn't exactly overdoing

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