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    I have installed p-Tunes no problem to the TREO 600, however whenever I try to put music on the SD CARD, I get the following message:

    ERROR: The following file(s) could not be installed to the SecureDigital (SD) Card because there is no application on your handheld to open these files.
    If you have recently installed such an application, please run that application and then perform a HotSync operation.

    I tried re-installing p-tunes and still had the problems. The files were wave files.

    Also can anyone recommend a good file program to convert file formats for music.
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    I think you need the Deluxe P-tunes to play wav files.. The free version will play MP3.
    Do You have the basic player or the deluxe??? Aren't the wave files kinda big??

    I use musicMatch for ripping and burning, but lots of programs will do a good job converting to MP3
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    It also sounds like you're trying to move the files with hot sync. That takes way too long. Use either a card reader or Card Export II
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    pTunes 2.3.4 basic (free) plays WAV files.
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