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    Just installed this car kit with great results very loud volumne and 5 phones can connect to it. A no brainer to install except to run the Mic. It answers well and the clarity is exceptional no problems with it after a few hours of use,

    You have to dial from the phone but I am going to try one of those voice dial prorams tonight. The cost was about 150.00 with shipping

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    Do you have this connected up to your 650? How do people say you sound from their end?
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    I am having no problem with the 650. The fact that nobody is complaing about hearing me I guess it means that it is OK

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    How does this install, and do voice tags work?

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    That's good to hear - it gives me hope that the 650 will work with the HCB-30 in my car.
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    I fugured out a system that works for me I signed up for the sprint voice dialing. Now all I do is hit 1 button and the prompt comes up in audio and speak the name and it dials. This is realy a clean approach until voice tags get implimented. I have used the systen a couple of days now and my wife has linked her tmobile bluetooth phone to it with no problems it connects realy well although the feature set in her sony phone is realy night and day over the 650 bluetooh ability


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