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    Does anyone know how to a quicker redial/call back? On my 600, I could go to call log and then the # for recently called and press the center button. This does not wotrk on my 650. I must go thru a couple more steps. I find it easier to just go thru my contact list.

    Also, is anyone else having a problem of some calls going directly to voice mail?

    Last Question, Has anyone bought voicedialing? if so, how much does it cost after the trial period?
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    Just press the green phone button. That will bring up recent calls press it again and it redials the most recent. You can also access the call log that way.
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    Simply press the green phone button twice. Once pops up the recent list and the second press will select the last call. After the first press you can also go up and down to the recent calls, dial pad, or complete call list.

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