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    Marc, I recently added a second IMAP account and for some reason the account has a green "FolderList" rather than the online mail icon that is normally there. It has been that way for at least an hour.

    I just changed server providers for this second account so I could use IMAP. The provider is, don't know if that matters.

    The problem seemed to have started when I went to indicate where to upload sent items to. Also, since then my treo has been resetting a lot today, where it used to not reset at all when I had just one account. I upgraded to (C) as well.
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    I'm assuming you're using "C" now. Can you go to the account and tap "Reload Folder List"? If this doesn't fix it, please send me a log. There shouldn't be problems (I have 5 accounts on mine, and many people use multiple accounts).

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    Marc, I tried just about everything including deleting all chatter files with File Z and starting from scratch, but no go for whatever reason. The good news is I restored from the auto backup last night (0b15.13) and everything seems to be working great again.

    Backupman, only second to Chatter in the Treo food chain. Thanks for your quick help Marc.
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    We'll have to get past this somehow, because 15.13 will be obsolete soon enough. I don't think I've seen a log of this, have I?

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    I sent one, but it looked like an older version, but the About Chatter said it was the newer version. I'll just wait for the next version to come out and try again. Thanks for being so responsive. I see why everyone is so hyped over chatter. Snapper has been moved to the "unused" category on my treo.

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