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    Did anyone have any input regarding my post above: "So is the rumor true that TomTom is coming out with some new software in 2005 for the treo650? Has anyone heard this? I'm not too clear on what the "benefits" would be of software for the t650 when users are already using TomTom on their t650".
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    they have not mentioned anything officially but the usage could be improved greatly.
    heres my wish list.

    - set it up so multiple bluetooth devices can be paired ( car kit or BT headset)

    - allow dialing directly to POI areas from inside tomtom while staying connected to the map.

    - make it so that calls can ring thru and you can answer and run the call in the background. there should be an option that you can set so you can choose between leaving voice prompts from the GPS speaking on during the conversation or turning them off during . ideally a little sliding nav that would slide in phone controls would be slick but thats prolly asking too much.

    - speaking of asking too muchthis one would be VERY tricky. allowing the BT headset button to bring up VoiceSignal (voice dial) IN THE BACKGROUND while TomTom would be running (muting tomtoms voice pormpts temporarily) Then you speak your contact name and it dials still in the background and once the call is connected unmute tomtom with an on screen button that lets you mute the voice prompts from the GPS and let you slide in phone controls. (tomtom would have to work directly with palms phone app or something)

    - ability to run TomTom in the background without having to load up the maps everytime (this is probably how it works in all palm versions ) but it would be great if it could run in the background while you have to look up a contact. that way you could call up the contact and switch back to tomtom without having lost any directions.

    honestly i would puke in amazemenet if they did more than the first two items i mentioned.

    also i have a number of ideas for GPS in general that would make it so much more convenient.

    how about a cross reference with a weather satellite that would allow you to get weather updates to TomTom so it could route you or tell you when weather was bad on certain routes or even calculate dangerous routes based on current weather. maybe direct you to the nearest hotel if it was dangerous or accidents or pileups were reported.

    if its a smartphone might as well get it really smart, no?
    i can read a map and get where i need to go but if the data was crunched properly a convenience could become a life saving and invaluable tool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bestoverall
    My biggest problem right now is that everytime I do a backup using some backup programs, TomTom comes back with an error "Armcode not allocated", and had to do reinstall of the program to get it working. So I haven't been able to back up my 650 for a few days now, basically had to rely on Hotsync.

    If anyone was able to overcome "armcode not allocated" error, I'd like to know how.
    Noticed the "Armcode not allocated" for the 1st time this morning. I did a reset and TomTom worked fine. Did not have to re-install anything. I use BackupMan for backups and this was the first time I've seen this error.

    I'd like to figure out a solution too. I thought un-screwing the stylus tip on the Treo 600 was aggravating, but removing the battery cover to do a reset seems much more annoying.
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    I would be more than happy with simply having a little pop up phone interface for answering and dialing. I blame PalmOne for this, not TomTom.

    I do wish TomTom could interface directly with the address book or even the clipboard, so you could navigate to an address directly from Contacts, or copy an address from Web or Directory Assistant and paste it directly into TomTom for navigation. Again, I mostly blame PalmOne for this. A lifetime in the computer industry selling PIM products and they still haven't figured out that an address/contact should be a formatted, interchangeable object transmissible between all apps?

    Anyways, I love TomTom and think the compromises are reasonable at this point
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    If I buy the Tom Tom software they have available now and they come out with a Treo 650 version in the next couple of months will they make me pay for the upgrade? Anyone know?
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    who knows when they will come out with an upgrade but i think we should be able to twist their arms as early adopters.

    i too get that armcode thing time to time and then soft reset time.

    i have run into some annoyances though.

    yesterday i was gonna show off my gps to a friend of mine by taking it from their place which was unfamilar, to the airport. i navigated to the airport from pois and then it took me in a bit of a weird way via small roads (WHY ISNT THERE A NAVIGATE BY EXPRESSWAY OPTION IN ALTERNATIVE ROUTER) and it took me past the exit that i would normally take........... i found that weird.. i said.. maybe the tomtom knows something we dont.. it sure did.. it took me to a small landing strip about 5 minutes away from the airport which did not connect to the actual International airport in anyway.

    the other day it also told me to go down a street which was a one way road.
    me thinks these maps need some uddates but the thing is... the airport and those assocatred roads have been like that for 8 years.
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    Everything still working well with Tom Tom and 650?
    "Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but it doesn't get you anywhere... Write that down."
    -Van Wilder
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    its cool. the thing never got me lost in my trip to toronto to nyc to upstate new york and back but it did take some weird routes. basically dont take any wrong turns in tomtom or it may just add some unecessary time to your route. there was an instance where i took a wrong lane ended up going the wrong way so it tells me to take the next exit... i take it and right when i get off i end up by the exit to get back onto the expressway going back on in the right direction.. instead tomtom tells me to go in a zig zag through a couple of back streets and and went back onto the highway from some other weird spot...

    another time i am on the expressway and it has me take a little trip thru Scranton "The Electric City" just for the hell of it and back up onto the same expressway.

    i wanted to do it what it told me just to see if there was a method to its madness. it was really pretty funny.. like some guy was watching and snickering at these little reroutes.

    also its told me to turn wrong way down a one way street like 4 different occassions. maybe these are things that happen with all GPSs at one time or another. being this is my first one .. no comparisons.

    however i can say.. it never got me lost with over 1500 miles of driving over the last 4 days thru expressways and cities so i cant complain too much!
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    Anyone know how to get ahold of the software? I purchased a Holux GPS receiver, and not the TomTom one, so I do not want another piece of hardware, which is apparently the only way to get the software, i.e. purchase it bundled with the hardware.
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    There you can buy it from the TomTom site or it provides links to other online sellers.
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    Hit the Buy Now button and you will see that it is only PREORDER which was the nature of my question.
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    Oh, that's strange. Sorry.
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    The software-only bundle has been pre-order only for a few weeks now. I ordered a copy before the holidays (mid-Dec) and it's still listed as back-ordered. TomTom wouldn't give me an estimated ship date when I called them, just "soon".
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    Im am waiting until its in stock before I order mine. I think I will buy from another website, not TomToms because of the price difference.
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    My impression?

    Freaking awesome. Compared it side-by-side to the Acura GPS - this is better imo.

    If you want navagation for the 650, this is it.
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    Where is the best (and cheapest) place to buy Tom Tom for the Treo 650?
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    Don't confuse the TomTom software with the GPS unit they bundle with it. They write the software, but someone else makes the GPS device for them (I think it's Emtac or maybe Socket, I can't recall). You can use Tom Tom or Mapopolis with many different GPS devices (connected by cable or Bluetooth), not just the ones that happen to come with their bundles.
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    Just the software, or one of their GPS bundles? It looks like the software-only package will be offered first through MobilePlanet (the ones that provide the storefront for TomTom's site). Not the cheapest, but first. The GPS bundles (which come with a GPS device as well) are offered in many places, online and in stores. I'd check out CompUSA, MobilePlanet, and eXpansys for online prices. I've bought online from all of these and haven't had a problem with them.
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    Update on tomtom:

    Got it for XMAS from semsons as part of a package. They sent the pocket pc version. I contacted them, and they said, "that's what we have, contact tomtom directly for a free upgrade to navigator 2004". I contacted tomtom, they said, "we'll send it right out", and they did. Got it in the mail today.

    Could not retrieve the maps with my mac. Had to install Palm desktop on mother in law's windows machine, and then install tomtom from there. Did that.

    Loaded in one state map and the default voice. Activated on website, no problems.

    Then came real test number one: Would it talk to the holux 231 BT GPS? No problem! Found the satellites, and then I got the 3D screen. Pretty cool!

    I then mapped a route, and jumped into my car. HOLY CRAP! This 3D view is freakin' awesome! A year and a half ago I took a magellan to florida, and all I got was the "birds eye" view, and I thought that was cool. This blows that way out of the water. If anyone is considering a standalone Magellan vs. tomtom Go, there's no way they'd choose the magellan if they had them side by side.

    What's great is that you see off into the horizon as you drive along your path. You can literally see which way to go at an upcoming 5 way intersection, because it's clear.

    In addition, it shows current speed, current time, and ETA. There's a neat night setting, and a nice user interface. The talking guide is not overdone at all.

    I took a couple of wrong turns, and it remapped my route immediately.

    In my 2 hours of usage, no error messages yet. Not sure which version I'm using. Not going to download the T5 update unless I start having problems.

    After using the mapopolis demo for a week, I can tell you there is absolutely zero comparison. I guess you could say I highly recommend tomtom.

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    With the 650, how do the voice prompts sound? Are they hard to hear with the external speaker? My speaker sounds low with phone calls, wondering how it would do with tomtom prompts.
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