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    I'm interested in running Tom Tom on my Treo 650. Before investing in a unit, I emailed Tom Tom to find out if they support it for the Treo 650. Here is their reply:

    TomTom Navigator currently only supports the PalmOne Tungsten T3, Tungsten C, Zire 72 and Tungsten T5 (update required). Car kit solutions are currently only available for the Tungsten T3, Tungsten C and Zire 72. We have no definitive news from Product Management that would allow us to reliably comment on an ETA for the Treo 650 at this point and we invite you to stay in touch with for now. We are not likely to see support for the Treo 600.

    Kind Regards,

    TomTom USA Customer Service

    I'm concerned on whether it is wise to buy Tom Tom for the Treo 650. Any suggustions would be appreciated.
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    I just received the following from Tom Tom customer support so I think I will pass on getting Tom Tom for the Treo 650. It looks like there might be some issues if I run Tom Tom on the Treo 650:

    Some people have tried to install the Tungsten T5 specific update on a Treo 650. This does deal with some compatibility issues that the T5 and the Treo 650 share, but there are Treo 650 specific issues that it does not deal with and reliability is not 100% confirmed at this time. A car kit is also not available for the 650 at the moment.

    Kind Regards,

    TomTom USA Customer Service
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    Well Jay, there's practically no reports of Tom Tom not working on the 650 here at Treocentral, and there's quite a few of us happily using it daily. As soon as I heard the first report of it working ok on the 650 I went ahead and purchased it. You can now read a lot of similar reports from several users on these boards. I just used the hell out of it over the holidays and it never failed me, I'm happier with Tom Tom than I am with the 650 itself!

    So, there's pretty good odds that it will work just fine for you as well

    Oh and BTW I purchased mine from Harmony Computers. Cheapest price I could find, prompt service, no problems, and no taces (they're in NY, I'm in CA).
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    I totally agree with NSiNSiNSi, TomTom has been VERY, VERY popular with 650 owners here.

    Interesting that some of you have gotten kind of disheartening replies fromtomTom. I emailed them yesterday and they quickly got back to me with the following email:

    "Dear Markito,

    The update for the Treo 650 will be a free download from the Support page on We hope to make this update available within the next three weeks. You can install and use the Navigator application as it stands now but you may experience some connectivity issues. Also, the Navigator program will close when the Treo receives an incoming call. The planned update will address both of these issues.

    If you have any further questions please let us know.

    USA Customer Support"

    I am very enthousiastic about the forthcoming update download. Especially since TomTom works almost perfectly as is!
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    Thanks for the help guys! I guess I'll get the Tom Tom. By the way, the cheapest place I found to buy Tom Tom is Buy Retail at $228.00. Here is the web site:
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    Quote Originally Posted by dj81462
    With the 650, how do the voice prompts sound? Are they hard to hear with the external speaker? My speaker sounds low with phone calls, wondering how it would do with tomtom prompts.
    Amazingly enough it is very clear and Very very loud. I have to turn the volume for Tomtom down to about 10-20% otherwise it is too loud.
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    Totally agree. Tomtom 2004 is the best working and looking by FAR. Tried all other mapping programs for palm and ppc. mapopolis is a pos, ugly and non user friendly. highly recommend tt 2004. I ordered the older edition and upgraded to 2004 for free.
    Go for it works great on 650, no issues.
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    My findings with it after a month of moderate use...

    - The BT package is awesome. The module is small and can get a signal w/o having to be in view of the sky.
    - Portability. You're able to use it in any car, or when walking.
    - Great interface. The 3D maps are very easy to read from just a glance (while driving).
    - Rerouting times are very fast.
    - The voice prompts are clear (volume-wise), although they could be more informative.
    - Wow factor.

    - Does not integrate w/ the T650's contacts db. You have to manually enter the address.
    - The inaccuracy of the maps are alarming. I've only driven in the SoCal area this past month, but it's already been wrong on 4 locations, one of them being my house! I had to adjust my home address into fooling it into thinking that I've reached home. Also, some of the addresses are not even valid in its database, and these addresses are for old neighborhoods.
    - Warm-up times are decent, although sometimes it takes the module up to 5 minutes to lock on to a signal with a cold start.

    - I love this unit, although I don't trust it fully. If I'm going to a new unknown location, I will probably still MapQuest it if I get the chance.
    - My wife seems to like it. I've stopped having to justify my Treo purchase to her =).
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    I really wish TomTom would have updated maps to download from there website. I still haven't bought it yet, but I am worried about how old the maps really are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldfinger
    I really wish TomTom would have updated maps to download from there website. I still haven't bought it yet, but I am worried about how old the maps really are.
    I agree with you there.
    My concern is beyond that too. As I mentioned, some of the addresses I had problems with are quite old, like at least 15-20 years old. I'm afraid map updates won't solve those problems.
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    That's kind of surprising. You might want to check to see where TomTom gets their map data from, and whether there's a third party source of compatible map files from another source. It's possible the region you're navigating is a "black spot" in their data update schedule, though if it's SoCal, that's pretty unlikely.

    Mapopolis uses NAVTEQ map data for their Navigator product. Most car in-dash systems use this data, too. They're fairly accurate for the areas I've used it in (urban and suburban areas only, I haven't tried any rural locations). For example, they have current data on a shopping plaza near my house that was built about 3-4 years ago. It was a combination of open space and residential addresses prior to that, but the NAVTEQ map shows the proper outline of the retail space, and the proper label as well.
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    Yeah, I was thinking of contacting TomTom in hopes that they might be able to help, although seeing as the 650 isn't supported yet, I've been holding off. But thanks for the suggestion. I'll see if there are compatible 3rd-party maps available.
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    If you check the 'gpspassion' forums you'll find alot of users of the standalone TomTom have the same concerns about their maps. Their experiences parallel yours since your all using the same map set.
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    I'd give them a call regardless. The device isn't the issue here, it's the accuracy of their data, which is the same on all Palm devices.

    You might want to scan through the gpspassion forums first. Perhaps others have already tread this ground with TomTom and gotten an answer, good or bad.
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    Yeah, the more we raise our voices about out of date maps, the sooner they will update them. (For the record, my TomTom Nav just arrived today, so I haven't used the maps yet.)
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    I contacted them about the maps and got the following response:
    Dear Mr Beer,

    TomTom releases map updates every six months. There is a link in the My TomTom section of the Support page on to report map discrepencies directly to TeleAtlas, our map data provider. All reported discrepencies will be amended in the next map update. Registered customers will receive an email when the next update becomes available. If you have any further questions please let us know.


    USA Customer Support

    I reported a few things on their web-site for the maps, but there are a lot of things that are out of date in my area.
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    Time to move? J/K
  19. #199 kidding.. Probably to Europe. It seems like Tomtom is more focused on Europe
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    Hmm I have used my TomTom all over the Bay Area and the only inaccuracy I have found so far is Tom Tom asking me to take some sharp turns off Market St. that are actually illegal. Oh and it doesn't map anything inside Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Once you drive inside the KSC boundary it's all empty terrain.
    Other than that it's worked perfectly so far...

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