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    Has anyone experienced resets with incoming calls? I have the latest version and every so often my T650 resets as soon as a call comes in. Kinda frustrating
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    Same with me sometimes. Question, how do i set personal voicetones to people in my speed dial?
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    i get this same thing. as soon as i pull my treo out, i see it restarting. extremely annoying since it doesn't show me who the missed caller was.
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    My 650 was doing this and I figured out it was Zap2016 causing the error. If I was either playing zap or had it paused while using other features on the 650 it would cause it to restart. Removing this program resolved my problems.
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    hmm, i had removed zap2016 awhile back. i wonder if there's any files left over.
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    mp3Ringer 1.6 has been released and now includes North America areacodes just like Lightwav. Now you can see where the caller is calling from.

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