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    [HTML]Originally posted by:Fofer

    I think the people complaining about the 650 either
    (a) can't afford it, and/or (b) are jealous, or (c) simply
    don't know how to harness the power that is the 650...
    so they get frustrated.[/HTML]

    I think it was silly to close that thread. I am not rolling in money, but I had my order put in for the 650 with my favorite Sprint manager and he called me the other day to say they were in, and because of the info here I had to postpone the decision. I am jealous in a sense, wishing I had the most brand-new phone and all the materialistic proprietary joy that provokes, but I'm most concerned about what power the 650 really has. I've already posted how the lack of a cradle and the frightening memory problems have convinced me to wait, and now that I hear that maybe Backupman might not work either, the entire phone sounds like a failure from this perspective: the ability to take my 600, dump all the data into the 650, be on my way with a far superior technical achievement, and pass the 600 on to my wife, none of which I can do with certainty. I don't like investing so much in a new phone just to inherit the problems I have by now solved with the 600. At this point, and especially with Chatteremail, I absolutely depend on my 600 and really enjoy it. Even the battery problem has diminished because I just installed the longer-life battery which does in fact give me about an hour or two of extra power, just what I needed. So I don't know what the 650 offers me that (1) I don't already have and (2) is balanced by the strong negatives inherent in the 650. This should be an objective forum, where threads aren't closed and where negative criticism is posted without undermining its credibility. I assume we all want the best phone possible, produced by competition among manufacturers trying to please consumers who know when a phone doesn't measure up. We can only do that with open criticism and open threads (and of course there was a lot of nonsense in that thread, but if you examine many others there's plenty in them also; you take the good with the bad, or at least you should).
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    Well put. It's just that some people seem to want to censor our opinions for some unknown reason I can't possibly understand.

    As for me, I was in a very similar position to yours. I was incredibly happy with my 600 and everything worked just great, and what I really needed was a better screen and bluetooth so I could eventually have a wireless GPS on my phone. I had the same expectations about upgrading than you as well. I expected some incompatibilities - these are Palm PDAs after all - but nothing major.
    Since I received the 650 I have gotten used to 3 or 4 resets a day, some of them spontaneous (meaning, I wasn't even operating the phone when they happened). I don't install any new apps if they don't work from the SD. Battery life is definitely poorer than the 600 in my experience. Etc.
    However, I decided to keep the 650 because of the vastly increased readability of the new screen and the ability to sync without cables, use wireless headset and use a wireless GPS, all of which are vital for me. Underneath all the design blunders and bad spec choices you can see glimpses of the brilliant device this phone could have been, and I guess I thrive on the hope that some software wizards will help fix these problems.
    In the meantime, my wife is now loving her Treo 600 to death and is almost mad at me I didn't give it to her earlier...

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