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    I am running intellisync and having problems with content in my contacts. I use intellisync so that I can segregate work contacts and personal contacts on my computers while combining them on my Treo 650. I have been a long time user and had much success with he product.

    With the 650 I am finding that if I have multiple email addresses for a single user and sync all to the device they are all displayed in a single email address line. With my 600 I could select which one I wanted to use with no problem except having to delete "Email2 or Email3 from the address when inputed. With the 650 I cannot select either of the 2 alternate addresses as they all appear in the regular email field together. Anyone else having Intellisync problems similar? Anyone know of a program that will allow me to segregate contacts and also allow me to have multiple email fields represented on the palm device?
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    Are you having any other problems? I use ACT!. and am looking for a conduit to justify the 650.

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    I'm having same problems syncing with my 650. Apparently Intellisync hasn't integrated with the 650 API's yet:

    Does Intellisync 5.3.2 support devices using HotSync 6, like the Treo 650 and Tungsten T5?

    No, Intellisync v. 5.3.2 does not support devices using HotSync 6, like the Treo 650 and Tungsten T5. However, there are some workarounds.

    1. Prior to configuring Intellisync to sync with the Treo 650 you will need to manually disable the first set of conduits in the HotSync manager>Custom otherwise you will receive a Conduit Conflict message. Our patch that automatically does this for the Tungsten T3 will not do this for the Treo 650 due to the version of hotsync manager that is installed with the Palm Software for the Treo 650.

    EXAMPLE: Address Book/Contacts you have 2 conduits, one named Contacts and one named Address Book; by default the Contacts conduit is enabled and Address Book is set to do nothing. When you set up Intellisync both the Contacts and Intellisync Address are enabled and that is why you get the conflict. To solve this just go into Hotsync's custom settings and disable Contacts. When you set this conduit to "Do nothing" also check the "Set as default" box, otherwise after the first sync the conduit is enabled again. The other conduits that should be disabled are Calendar, Tasks and Memos.

    2. In order to configure Intellisync to sync with the Palm Desktop you will need to download/install the " Intellisync Handheld Edition - Palm Handheld Patch" from:
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    This is from the READ ME of the palm patch:
    B. Duplicate records may be created after the first
    synchronization. This issue occurs because the Palm
    synchronization engine does not use the same fields to
    determine whether a pair of records match. Existing pairs
    of records may be considered as two separate records, and
    each record will then be copied to the other system.

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