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    and other installed applications that I will not use. I tried FileEz but could not find the offending file.
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    yes, please tell us how. I can't get rid of it either.
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    Bet it is ROM and we can't get rid of it. Looked in File Z which allows one to look at the ROM and can't find it, tho.
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    what about using the default launcher's delete function?
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    but there are apps that make the app disappear its still there you just cant see it use the hidden feature on silver screen to do this
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    You can't delete them to free memory; they are NOT using up your memory. They are in ROM.

    You can hide them if you don't like looking at them. You could do that in many ways, one is to create a seperate category in your launcher and put them all there.
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    if u want to hide the program and any other that u do not want 2 see go 2 palmgear and download INVISIBLEit will still be on your system but now u dont have to see it all the time
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