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    Early adopter of Treo 300 - replaced first last yr for the typical battery problem and received a refurbished. 2 Months ago the refurbished hinge broke..... being in a pinch and still having the old one, I called and re-activated the one with the battery issue. Went to SPRINT store today and they said both are out of warranty and would only deal with the activated one anyway.... so out of luck. Looking for best advice from the board on approaches that might help me get a replacement (300, 600, whatever).
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    I doubt there is anything you can do now. Sprint will have a record of the issues and that they were both out of warranty. Only possible alternative is get the insurance ($5 amonth) and wait twenty days and get a replacement for the deductible ($50).

    Please no flames-I know this is fraud, I don't recommend it but it is a solution (albiet an illegal one).

    You may consider getting one off Ebay (approx.$60) and use that one. You could get the Enhanced Warranty program from Sprint/LockLine for $2 a month then you'd be covered for any warranty issue as long as you wait the 20 days. That warranty never expires, it continues until you stop paying for it.
    You could also cannibalize the battery from the one with the hinge prob and install that in the other one.
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    I have a 300 I will sell you. I will need to check on what extras I might have with it besides the cables. PM me if you are interested. I will also be looking to sell my 600 in the next few weeks.

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