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    Anybody got a Blue Oyster Cult "Don't Fear the Reaper" poly ringtone?
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    nah but i would love one
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    Here's the full midi song.

    I don't have a midi editor to cut it down, but it'll still work for a ringer.
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    Great thread title.

    "I got a disease, and the only cure is more cowbell!"
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    AWESOME sounding dude - thanks
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    Ok I am frustrated - I got the midi to the SD card with the i nstal tool but FIleZ cannot move it so it is recognized as a ringtone. I emailed it to myself (we use Goodlink) as an attachment but there does not seem ot be an option to recognize it as midi from the goodlink mail client.

    I cannot get my IR port working on my laptop for some damn reason.

    Is there some other way to get this in as a ringtone?
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    "I really need to explore this space"

    I'm having trouble installing this one as well. I tried using Filez to move it off my SD card, but it tells me it's corrupted. Dubldare, Can you post it as an unzipped file so I can try downloaded right off this thread?
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    Sorry about that, I tried putting it on mine and had some trouble...namely being the size of the file.

    I've cut it down a bit with anvil. The treo does no justice to this midi. The cowbell sounds like an old atari game.

    What worked for me was: email the midi to treo, check mail, select message with the midi, get entire message (menu), save attatchment (menu/option/attatchments). I'm pretty sure that just tapping the link for the midi would also bring up the save box.

    The reason the file showed as corrupted on the treo was due to its size.
    I don't see an option for uploading a .mid here, but the cut-down file is below as a zip again.
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    Well I finally got the darn thng on there...but is nowhere near loud enough and you are right -= it sounds tinny oh well
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    Yeah the Treo really butchers MIDI files something awful, doesn't it...
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    Yup. My Sanyo 8100 sounded awesome with November Rain

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