Can anyone recommend a good add-on Expense application? I have started using the Expense application (that came with the VDx) more and more and I have found it to be inflexible for what I use it for.
I would like to 1) define my own type categories, 2) assign descriptions (which I can sort of do in the "Vendor" field), and 3) choose the fields that display on the main expense screen so I don't have to go into Details to remind myself what I paid for. (For example, right now all I can display are "Date" "Type" "Amount", I'd like to display "Date" "Description" "Amount".)
I don't create expense reports that use so many of the default expense types so I'd like to customize it with my own.
I've looked at alot of apps on PalmGear and haven't had time to download and try them all. Any ideas?