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    don not use mobile web, went to store to cancel- they said no can do because of the automatic email call. Said it would eat up 1500-2500 minutes each month without web plan wich includes or actually excludes these calls. Can it not be disabled? I'm in a very small town, i think I have one of two treo's in the entire county of 55,000.
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    You don't need Mobile Web for smartphones. It's only for "lesser" phones with WAP browsers only. So you can connect to Verizon's Wap Portal - which the Treo doesn't use. This is $5/month.

    You're probably speaking of the $25/$45 data plan. There are many people (myself included) who are using the Treo without a data plan.

    I'd suggest you keep calling Customer Service until you can get a representative who is willing to remove the option. But word is that Verizon is requiring a data plan with all new activations.

    If you do get the plan removed, make sure you search here and on regarding EN-MOU and large bills. It's not hard to avoid as long as you use some basic common sense.
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    I DO NOT use the data plan. I figured $45 per month for extremely slow and difficult to use Internet was not worth it. I had to call customer support (*611, airtime free) and explain to them the situation of how I did not want the mobile web but still wanted to do SMS. It took them about 20 minutes and I was warned that if I do "accidently" initiate the mobil web it is 15 cents per KB!!! Happily, I canceled the $45 per month, added 500 SMS's for $5 and am set to go.
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    The advice above is probably good for your situation. I am happy to have the $45 data plan because I get a 21% discount and use the Treo in lieu of a Blackberry. It is always on so I get value out of the unlimited plan. I also have it as a backup ISP when traveling. It avoids the hotel and airport WiFi charges.

    If you choose not to have a data plan, I urge you to take all precautions to ensure your data connections are terminated after you use them. VZW is correct in warning you against leaving data connections opened and racking up minutes.

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