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    It was not obvious how one uninstalls or trashes apps from visor?
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    1. Go to your Launcher screen ("Home" icon on the silkscreen area).
    2. Tap the menu icon and choose Delete, or use the Command stroke and write 'D'.
    3. Scroll down the list to choose the application and/or file you wish to remove and tap the DELETE button.
    4. Repeat step 3 for as many apps as necessary.
    5. Click DONE when you're finished.
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    I guess I must have a different "Launcher" - I don't seem to have the delete option either.. So I installed Laucher III, but can't seem to set preferences so it replaces the default launcher.
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    You can switch back to the original Launcher by tapping Menu : Apps : Memory Launcher (shortcut L),then you can tap Menu : Apps elete (shortcut D). After you're done, to switch back to Launcher III just tap the Home

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