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    I am one week in to using my 650. I synch it with my office computer, a PC. This is where all of my contact and calendar information is stored. However, my personal multimedia stuff is at home on my iBook (pics, music, video). I am planning on purchasing a 1 GB SD memory card, and a memory card reader. I am planning on just using the reader to transfer the multimedia stuff to and from my 650, and leave the internal memory for other things. I also will avoid any issues that might arise synching to two different computers. Am I missing something? Will this work? Thanks in advance for your feedback. I just went from a Treo 300 to the 650, and this memory card thing is all new to me. Thanks again.
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    This is what I do on my 600--no problems here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hubba23
    This is what I do on my 600--no problems here.
    thank you, I did just buy an iomega reader/writer and I am going to give it a shot

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