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    got a coupla questions.

    i saw mixed posts on teh BT250 which shipped with P1.

    first a coupla questions.
    -how much power does having bluetooth on take up if you actual headset off. is it something that always consumes power even if there is nothing to pair with.
    - how often do u re - pair your bluetooth headset with the 650.

    now some more important questions...

    -my BT250 rings when someone calls my treo but my answer button seems to be useless. in the book it says i can use it to initiate calls and to ANSWER calls at least. i cant seem to do either.

    -as for voice tags or something similar, is there any app where i can just hold down the button (not too long seeing as how that turns of headset off) just to initiate a voice command query.

    i need to know if i am making the most of this headset. its reviewed very high by review sites and by people i know with sony ericsons...

    fill me in!
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    Well, let's see...I just received my "Freespeak" 250 from P1. That is what it is called instead of the BT250.

    I have exactly the same questions:

    1. Do you have to close Bluetooth on the 650 if you're not using the headset (to conserver power) ...P.S. I did turn it off last night and had to re-pair the 650/250 again. Sux

    2. I have looked everywhere for this "Voice Tags" thing that is 'supposed' to work with the 250/650....can't figure it out and I've read everything everyone has written well, kind of.

    3. You can get a program "VoiceDial" that you can configure to have the side button activate and it will recognize your contact database (*****in feature). But you have to say the command, then wait until the call is 'activated' ...then click your 250 to p/u the call. It works ok, but wouldn't it be nice if it were activated from the headset

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    No you don't have to turn bluetooth off. It will use slightly more power but not enough to be an issue. Unless you have "Allow Wake Up" selected, this causes the 650 to maintain its "receive status" even while the Palm is off.

    The only voice app I have found that will launch with the press of a headset button is Voice Launcher. Maybe you could use VL to launch VD

    As far as Voice tags go... They are specific to the accessory. The headset you have does not store voice tags. If you look at the Parrot Drive offered for sale on TC you will see what I mean.

    Hope that helps.
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    OK - Here's the question... How do you turn on/off Auto-Answer? I have the Palm version of the Jabra BT250 specifically designed for the 650 which seems to work MUCH better than the regular BT250 (I bot that one too by accident :-0)

    I just noticed that whenever someone calls - assuming the headset is in range - it automatically transfers to the headset? ...and in order to use the 650 to pick it up you need to hit the Headset CXL Button... any way of turning this off? Or do you just need to turn the power off on the headset? And if so, how do you turn the power off on the bt headset? ... and when you turn the power back on does it need to be re-paired?

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