Seems to me, if we had an orginial Compaq computer with an attached bag phone, and 1MB of RAM, then we would really have something. That orange monochrome screen rocked! It is amazing to me to read all the comments on this board. There are always improvements to anything. The problem with the 650 is that Palm made improvements to some features and just spaced out on a couple of others. You need to remember that the Treo team at Palm does this crap every single day. They know these devices better than any of us. How can they miss that bad on the Ram? If they added WiFi and some more Ram and a better camera, and a better speakerphone, then you have a $1000 product and not one that you can get from Amazon right now at $369. Would you rather sell 5M Treo's or 1M Treo's. It is basic business math. Give the customer as much as you can while making it affordable.