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    I have a pre-release Treo 650. The camera works fine in terms of taking photos. I can copy pictures to the card and they're listed as being on the card.

    I have a Mac computer.

    I try to mount the card on my desktop using the Missing Sync and the photos will not open. An error message appears that says there is a file error and the format of the file cannot be read. I have tried to open with Preview, iPhoto and PhotoShop. A friend was able to duplicate this problem on his machine.

    Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any way around it?
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    Sync your Treo to the Mac. Then look in the following directory:

    "/Users/your name/Documents/Palm/Users/your Palm name/Photos/offline copy location/Internal"

    Your photos and movies should be there as native JPEGs and AVIs you can just double-click to view.
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    EXACT same problem here, netkat. I use Missing Sync to drag photos and videos off of my SD card, but then they won't open at all.

    If I email them to myself from the Treo, the files open perfectly fine.

    I'm NOT using a pre-release 650 (as far as I know).

    Has anyone out there been able to drag photos from their 650 and open them successfully using Missing Sync? Is it a bug in my particular phone? Can I do this without having to use yet another piece of software?

    Thanks for your help.
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    Uh... card reader?
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    A card reader would probably work, but I was hoping to find a solution that wouldn't require me to spend any extra $$.

    Besides, it'd be nice to find out what's causing the problem.

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