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    Has anybody used the Netscape Address Book sync that comes with Communicator 4.7? I'm syncing, and most things are fine, but the Mobile/Cellular field is not being updated and the Netscape HTML docs state it should.
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    Sorry to follow up my own post... I found the answer...
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    Netscape Address Book sync that comes with Communicator 4.7?

    Please clarify! I'm using 4.7 but can't find any built-in sync ability. I use Netscape as my primary email and PIM, and haven't found the conduit software to sync these w/the Visor. Any help?
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    start/programs/netscape communicator/palm tools
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    I'm using NS v4.61 bundled with the @home software and have found the Palm Tools in the directory you mentioned. However, it warns that if you use the NS address book synch, it disables the PC desktop synch for address book. I think I would find this to be a problem if I couldn't do regular address book synchs. Has it been a problem with you?
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    Not sure if this helps, but I just exported the address book as a .csv, and imported it into my Palm Desktop.

    After a bit of configuring to get it to place the email in the right field, all was good, and with a hotsync, it was loaded into my address book on my Visor under the mail option...

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