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    Hi all,

    Thank you very much for your interest in beta testing our new MultiProtocol Instant Messenger with VoIP (PTT) application. We received too many beta testing requests that we need to consider. Therefore, we are closing beta testing applications.


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    Nice to see VoIP application for Treo. Have anyone tested it?
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    signed up, we'll see what happens.
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    Anyone got an UID? I got mine and would like to test the client with someone.
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    FFly how long did it take to get the beta and how did they send it to you. I signed up last nite but havent gotten anything yet.
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    i sent them an e-mail a few hours ago and haven't heard back. I can't wait to try this.
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    I'm waiting too. Can't wait to try this one!
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    Cue the Jeopardy music....waiting
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    i wonder if you can call real phones or if you have to have a palm OS device using their app to talk to the person.
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    i hope that its an open sip client so you can use your existing voip provider. think of it as a two line treo
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    I'm confused. How would you use the VOIP? Would you use your unlimited Internet via Vision to connect? So it'd just be a way to save minutes then? I mean, there's no other networking options (WiFi, 10/100 card, or heck T1 dsu/csu) for that VOIP traffic to flow down.
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    voip could run over vision and when a wifi driver comes out it will be awesome. over wifi you could have a conversation thats the same quality of a home line.

    I have been using Vonage for 3 months on my cable connection at home and love it. Better quality than the landline i had from verizon plus unlimited calling to us and canada for $25 a month
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    i use vonage too. if it could connect to vonage then KalemSoft will be on par with the big boys of telecommunications instead of the game emulator field which they are also excellet at ^_^
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    vonage doen't support any voip phone produts other than the ones it sells. there is a workaround that seems ok though. for $10 a month you can get a softphone account and use any sip client to connect to it.
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    This is exciting, just like when VeriChat had its beta two Decembers ago.

    BTW, wouldn't you be able to use with with a reverse-DUN BT connection?
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    kewl... count me in
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    I guess KalemSoft decided to take the day off.
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    VOIP may work over vision, but the 2 second latency will make for some unnatural conversation. You'll have to use it walky talky syle where one person speaks, then pause, then the other person speaks with considerable delay. You really need a low latency connection like WiFi for VOIP to work correctly.

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    lol very true nate. thats probably why this thread says voip (ptt). i would want regular voip for when wifi is available.
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