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    Yes, you may have heard it. I've been sitting on hold for Tech Support and have heard that phrase at least 300 times, as I've been on hold for 25 minutes!

    So, I bet I can get an answer here, sooner then they can answer.......

    Two times today, my second new Treo 650 froze. Once, as I answered a call, the second after I entered data in to Agendus. The Agendus freeze was accompanied by a soft clicking!

    Both were corrected with a soft reset.

    So, here are the questions......

    1) Isn't there a code you can enter to get a report on the kind of problem you've encountered? If so, please share and sahre the interpretations.

    2) Is this just a software problem, not a call to exchange the unit (again)

    OK, I'm up to 325 times hearing the Greater Then Five Minute message and 30 mins on hold............
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    From the phone mode:

    ##377 + dial

    My last reset was caused by "Snappermail".
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    My last reset was from "Datebk5" from...well, about an hour ago. Grrrrr!!
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    Hopefully this helps out a bit:

    The easist way to determine if you have a software or hardware issue is to do a hard reset and not sync anything to it. Play with it for a day or two and if the issue doesn't reappear after the hard reset and no syncing, then the issue lies within the third party software. If the issue still occurs after a hard reset and no syncing, the issue would be tied to the PalmOne hardware at least.

    The benefit to the above process is that if you do that, you can call with confidence to PalmOne's Tech Support, and you won't have to have them ask you to do the above process and call back again.


    I know that some may not want to hear this, but it lies with the developers to get their software, and provide tech support for their software, in order to get it working with the PalmOne device.
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    Thanks everyone!

    P.S., after one hour of "more then 5 minute messages", I've gotten 3 replies here and finally hung up
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    Every Sprint User should have these numbers. They are from SPCSinfo site.

    Sprint PCS Phone Numbers
    Because we hate Claire as much as you do


    Customer Service with Claire & Hold Time

    Customer Service without Claire - Bumped to front of line (also known as the Red Phones)


    Executive Services - For when things get really messed up

    Fraud Department

    Internal Marketing Opt-Out - Tell Sprint you don't want your contact info to be shared with other Sprint divisions for marketing purposes

    International Roaming

    Retention - Negotiate a better plan/price to stay with Sprint PCS

    Rebate Line - Get the status of your Sprint rebate

    Sprint PCS Corporate HQ/Executive Services/Escalations
    1-866-519-5698 (Or directly at 817-215-3070)

    TeleSales - Phones & Accessories and Customer Service for Phone & Online orders
    1-866-PCS-AUTO (1-866-727-2886) (Telematics TeleSales)

    Look... its behind the curtain..

    Vision/3G Wireless Web Support Department
    1-866-206-4108 (Tier 2)

    Employee Accounts

    WLNP Priority Help Link - Help dealing with messed up WLNP ports
    1-877-888-1518 Password 4357# (HELP#)

    Handset Numbers (for use on a Sprint phone)

    Customer Service - *2
    Bill Payment (Speedpay) - *3
    Airtime Usage - *4
    Accessory Purchasing - #222
    Referral Credit System - #733 (#REF)
    Charles Schwab Direct - #724
    Western Union - #986

    edit...from another post here at TC
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    Some of the numbers above are out of date. Here's the link to the current page:

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