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    Does anyone know if the treo 650 can be used in europe? what do you need to do to make that possible? thanks

    Also- I was going to pick sprint b/c their plan seems the best- any pro's or con's you want to share about your plan?

    if you don't mind- please email your response to if you have good information.
    thank you
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    Missroxy, there's the dilemma. If you go with Sprint you get early availability of Treos and great voice/data plans, but no service outside of the US, nothing you can do about it. Go with another carrier and get access to carriers in Europe but not so great voice/data plans here in the states, plus 3 to 6 month delay on new Treo models.

    This would of course change if two things happened: that there was a wi-fi option for Treos and that Skype released a Palm version of their VoIP software. One can dream...
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    Nation 850 w/Rollover $49 850 Unlimited N&W +
    19.95 Unlimited Data/Edge 200MMS 1500 SMS

    Cingular unlock 100 countries

    No plan would be worth it if I didn't have killer coverage and reliable messaging.
    In OC CAL Sprint has neither.
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    To answer a little more clearly.

    Europe uses the GSM standard.

    Sprint is CDMA. A sprint phone will only work in the US and Canada.

    GSM carriers in the US (AT&T, Cingular, T-Mobile etc) have roaming agreements with carriers in Europe because they systems are compatible.

    If you want European roaming and a Treo 650 you will have to wait until the GSM version of the 650 comes out.

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