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    Hi, I have successfully replace my Treo180 internal battery with NOKIA 7210 battery. I guess there might be some others who want to try on your own Treo180. Remember to remove the plastic outline of the NOKIA 7210 battery while keeping the protection circuit. Sorry that I didn't take pictures. If someone need it, I will re-open my Treo180 to take pictures then.
    Remember that doing this need some kind of electrical knowledge and will break PalmOne warranty. Don't try it unless you know the details of the Li-On battery charging and discharging machenism.
    My replacement is a 1200maH (Not NOKIA-brand. Well Made in Taiwan.)

    I believe Treo270 has larger battery space and above method can apply to Treo270 too.
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    Yes , I already replace nokia7210 1100mA battery for my treo270 ..
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    can you post pictures of how you removed the plastic casing from the nokia battery please?
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    I would really like picyures on how to do it !!


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    i guess you have to slice it open then solder the old connector plugs in - making sure of the right polarity...
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    Sorry guys. My connection at work does not allow upload attachments like pictures.
    But, since it is quite straightforward, I will describe them in details and you should be able to follow it.
    Here are 2 web pages that you can also refer to:

    These are not my work but should be helpful. The first link (Treo180) shows broken plastic shell and sticker. You can do that but I suggest a more tender way (See below) :-)
    The 2nd link is a Treo270.

    Before everything, BE SURE TO LOCATE and MARK The POSITIVE (+) and NEGATIVE (-) PADS of the battery. FOR NOKIA 7210, the PAD that resides nearer to the edge is NEGATIVE (-). The other side if POSITIVE (+). The middle 2 PADS can be ignored.
    You can also use an electical meter to confirm that.

    LOCATE THEM and MARK them using mark pens or anything you prefer. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Connecting wrong sides will potentially explode your battery and Treo180/270 or even hurt yourself physically. If you are not sure of everything, stop now !!!

    And remember to hotsync and backup your data. Replacing the battery will erase everything stored in RAM. The Flash ROM data (incluidng the OS) will be kept though.

    Last warning : The steps described here is just my personal experience. DON"T try it unless you have enough electrical background. Replacing battery will void the PalmOne warranty too.

    Enough warnings, let's start now.

    (1) The NOKIA 7210 battery, like almost other NOKIA batteries, is a core battery surrounded by a plastic square shell. That's what you need to get rid of.
    (2) First, tear off the sticker which has printed battery spec (3.7V Li-On Battery pack, 1000mAH, For NOKIA 7210, blabla. ) on it. You can easily see the sticker boundary. Look for it. It should be at the back side of the battery.
    (3) Gently pull off the sticker completely. Try not to break it so you can paste it back later. After done so, you will see full metal plate. That's the body of the battery.
    (4) Push on the metal body firmly to push it out of the plastic shell. It is a little tight but can be easily get off. Note that you should push on the rear side where no connection pads on. Try it.
    (5) Be careful to reserve the protection circuit board which contains connection pads (4 pads at the narrow side of the battery).
    (6) Now you have a NAKED battery body. Try to paste back the stucker you just pulled off and didn't break it so it would look much like original and normal one. :-)
    (7) Now the down-sized battery body should measure 5cm * 3cm * 0.6cm or so. You should be able to put this back to your Treo180/270.
    (8) Now cut off or solder off your original Treo180/270 battery wires from the Treo180/270 battery side, DO NOT destroy the tiny connector that plug into Treo180/270 mainboard!!!. The tiny connector is very hard to find. DO NOT cut wires near it or destroy it.
    (9) Try to make the wires as long as possible so it would be easy to solder on NOKIA battery. Now you have the tiny connector with 2 (red and black) dangling wires.
    (10)Solder the original wires. RED wire is POSITIVE (+), BLACK wire is NEGATIVE (-). Solder them to previously marked PADs. If you found the wire is not long enough, try to extend it by soldering your own wires to extend the length. To avoid shorting the middle 2 pads, you can use stickers to cover them. Again, please watch out for the positive and negative conections. They need to be correct. Check it again before and after soldering.
    (11) NOW you have soldered the wires. Check the connection again. Make sure POSITIVE PAD is connecting RED wire and the wires, pads, solder dots do not touch each other. Arrange the wires properly when pluging back the new battery.
    (12) You shoud see your Treo180/270 with Palm-Powered re-boot screen now.
    (13) Cover back the back cover now. You may need to adjust the location of the new battery. Try to align the white lines on the mainboard. In some cases, you will not be able to fully cover back the back cover because the NOKIA battery is much thicker than the original one. But that should be fine.

    If I got time, I will post the pictures when I got home.
    That's it by now. Good luck!

    My Treo180 can last 4-5 days long now. Twice the time compared with original.
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    Where can you buy a battery with a 1000 mAh or 1200 mAh in the U.S. - I only see 600-700mAh. thank you.
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    also, 950 mAh treo 270 replacement batteries just got a lot cheaper on ebay - might be cheaper than the nokia...
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    Will the 270 battery fit?
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    treo270 can direct replace Nokia7210 battery , I already replace it .
    but you must cut Li-batter line connector
    becuase 270 connector is 1mm , I only find 2mm power connector , and
    I cut original batterypower line replace it , by the way ,
    I use DVM(digital volt meter) make sure polarity about battery ,
    7210 battery made in china/taiwan have 1000ma , original battery is 720ma ..
    someone said Nokia N-gage QD BLC6 battery also can be use
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    Treo270 battery is bigger than that used in Treo180. So, you can not use Treo270 battery to fit in Treo180.

    For Treo180/270, it is not the battery price that matters, it is the talk/standby time...
    With original replacement for Treo180/270, you can only get, maybe, 900mah ??
    Using NOKIA 7210, you get at least 1000mah. I can buy a 1100 or even 1200mah NOKIA 7210 battery easily here in Taiwan. I think it may be harder to get in US or other places. You can easily search the YAHOO auction to find one:

    I don't use ebay but I guess you can try it too.

    Based on my personal experience with the new battery, my Treo180 almost doubles the talk/standby time.
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    just to keep the thread alive: I just replaced the batterie of my Treo 180 by a third party batterie for Nokia 7120.
    Bought it at E-Bay cheap as dirt with 1600 mA/h capacity. It fits without problems.


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    What is your talk and standby times with the replacement battery?

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