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    Can Anyone with a 650 Please let me know if this page loads a password page.

    I would like to use VNC when i get my 650. I dont really want to load another program.
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    Nothing comes up in Blazer on my T650. Using "https" times out. Checking the source, it's apparently calling a Java applet, but it doesn't do anything in the browser.
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    Page doesn't load when I try it on Blazer, just get a blank white screen...
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    I only got a blank page. Sorry!
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    VNC through a browser requires JAVA support in the browser. Not possible with any browser available for the Palm platform.
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    PalmVNC is only 51k, why would you try to avoid using it?
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    Will a PPC load a Java Applet?
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    Thanks guys. I guess im forced to use the app. Has anyone tried the app? if so how is the response time?

    That site was a Java applet
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    Yeah, the app appears to work really well. It's actually much faster than I thought it would be over the mobile network.

    That said, I now use VFSFTP on the Treo and Cerberus FTP on my PC to give me secure access to all my files without having to use PalmVNC, so I don't use it that much anymore.

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