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    I haven't seen this problem posted, although I certainly haven't read ALL the threads:

    All of a sudden my 650 has started delaying ringing when there's an incoming call with a Caller ID number. The screen lights up with the Answer and Ignore buttons, but the caller hears four rings before the 650 rings. The Caller ID info becomes available when the 650 finally rings. If Caller ID is blocked or unavailable, the 650 rings immediately.

    I've tried this from a number of phones, with Caller ID blocked and unblocked, and the problem is repeatable and verifiable.

    While I'm still working on getting full functionality from this phone (i.e., the same as I had on the 600), I don't believe I've added any apps which would interfere with Caller ID recently.

    A soft reset does not cure the problem. A hard reset...well, life is just too short for another one of those. I estimate that a hard reset costs me four to six hours to recover from.

    But that's another story; for now, does anyone have any insight into this delayed ringing problem?

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    It's the size of your ringers - try smaller midi files

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