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    I've noticed several times that AvantGo sometimes doesn't synch or update although the HotSynch log says it did. Today this happened on my first attempt so I know I haven't come up against their limits of 5 synchs/20 (?) Megs. Anyone else ever notice this?

    When I go back into Avantgo it still has the data from my previous synch. And I synch'd at 11:30 central today (Thu 12/23) and Avantgo still had sites dated 12/22 which I know have been updated or changed since--like new messages posted to Visor Central--so I know I'm not imagining things (my first suspicion when something doesn't work right).

    My second suspicion--I'm doing something wrong, but what?

    Hoping for help!
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    I also have this problem. I'm waiting for a solution.

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