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    Hey, does anyone know of a third party utility that will allow you to capture telephone numbers from the call log and insert them into an address book record into *any* of the number fields?

    Ie, if a friend calls me on his cell phone and I capture the # will caller ID, I'd like to just hit a few buttons and insert that new number into his record.

    From what I can see, the existing Phone app only allows you to create a NEW contact and at that, only insert the number in the "main" field.

    Thoughts? Ideas?
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    well, depending on your carrier and the associated ROM in the device, you can use the built in Call Log (no third party app needed) to do just what you're seeking. Do you have a GSM device? I ask because with my Verizon device, in the call log (get there by Menu/Y in the phone app, as well as other ways), the 1000 number call log will allow you to directly create a new contact entry from a phone number, and that number will pre-populate into one of the fields (and you can change the number to be main/home/mobile/work, whatever.

    In fact, the process I describe above is one of the primary intended uses of the device. Does yours not have the Call Log or something?
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    Sure.. but how do you insert the phone number into a PRE-EXISTING phone book record?
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    On a GSM 600:
    View the call log>scroll to highlight the number>right click the 5 way to highlight "details">enter on 5 way>right click to highlight "Copy Phone #">enter on 5 way to copy>select contact from address book> select and edit>paste # into field.
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    I'm not aware of a process that is easier or more efficient then a copy/paste operation. Millerhifi's recommendation is the way to get it done on the default phone app (nice GIV-SP by the way Miller - you Part135 or 91?). But there are SO MANY steps to add a simple phone number. TAKEphONE offers a similar copy operation as the default phone app but it simplifies the rest of what you want to accomplish by offering a "find" button that will search your contacts for matching name (assuming the number AND name comes through via caller ID). So after you copy the number, click find, then paste to the corresponding field. Saves time versus getting out of the call-log, then opening up contacts, then searching for the right contact, then editing the contact, then pasting to .......right?
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    [QUOTE=BeantownTreo600] (nice GIV-SP by the way Miller - you Part135 or 91?). QUOTE]
    Nice catch! Unfortunatley I don't have any ratings. Just a life long passion for biz jets. My father was a corporate pilot and I've spent many hours in gulfstreams, unfortunatley not in the left seat (or right for that matter! ).
    And you?
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    Involved with private aviation consulting, aircraft management, jet chartering and such. Have a good night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BeantownTreo600
    Involved with private aviation consulting, aircraft management, jet chartering and such. Have a good night.
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