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    Somehow some of my phone numbers, etc., have wound up in the phone's RAM instead of on the SIM card.

    The phone is now broken, and I have to use the SIM card in another phone in the interim. How do I move everything in the phone's RAM en masse to the card? How do I set future items to be placed only on the SIM card?

    Sigh. Many thanks.
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    This only applies if you can still use your Treo as a PDA and functional wireless (not necessarily make calls but able to activate the radio.

    The Treo 180/270 (and 300?) has a way to copy your tell# from your PDA phone book to your SIM but it is limited to max of 50 entries at a time.

    The transfer requires that you load the contact list from your phonebook application to the 50 speed dial entries. Then go to your SIM Book application and switch over to the speed dial section (upper right hand drop down box). Click the upper left corner of screen and select copy all option. It will prompt for confirmation about the copy all and click yes to confirm. This loads the phones to your SIM.

    You keep doing this until all or your SIM memory has been consumed. I don't remember how much number you can put on your SIM but if you are like me with over 500 contacts at least, your SIM may not be able to load all the numbers.

    Good Luck.
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    Thanks so much for the quick reply. I was having flashbacks to my Newton days, when it was easy to just move selected (or all) contacts to and from storage cards.

    I'm stunned there isn't some bit of Palm freeware to do this. Argh.

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