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    All new apps go into unfiled category - how does one move them into other categories?
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    1. Go to the Launcher screen (tap the 'Home' icon on the silkscreen).
    2. Tap the menu icon and choose Category, or use the Command stroke and write 'Y'.
    3. Use the drop-down lists to the right of each item to choose a category. You may also create additional categories by choosing 'Edit Categories' and rename/create/delete categories from there.
    4. Tap DONE when you're finished.
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    Do we not have the same OS? I don't see a "Category" option among the menu items, just the different categories, unfiled and edit categories.
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    maryooi--Are you tapping the menu icon at the lower left of the screen? The square under the house image? Tapping that should make a drop-down menu appear at the top right-hand corner of the screen, similar to the File-Edit-View-etc. drop-down menus that run along the top in Windows. The menu will have two columns, "App" and "Options" -- the "Category" command is under "App."

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