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    Is anyone using mapquest on the 650? If not is there a simular website I can use for driving direstions? I saw that Mapquest has Mapquest mobile but it is a subscription service, and I don't know if they support the treo.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    FWIW, I use with Blazer on my T600--works great. Give it a try.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jposin
    FWIW, I use with Blazer on my T600--works great. Give it a try.

    Thanks Jposin. This is exactly what I was looking for. It works with the 650 just fine.

    Much apprreciated
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    Get Directory Assistant Ver 3.02 at

    It allows searching for residential and business numbers anywhere in USA and will paste results in your contacts, give written turn by turn directions to the address and draw a map. All with a click or two.

    This is a great program. A must have.
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    I suggest trying the non-wirless mapquest site,, with Blazer in "Wide Page Mode"... seems to have much more detail than the wireless version of the site... btw. I find that I prefer using "Wide Page Mode" for most of my web page viewing... many sites just load cleaner that way (especially hotmail)... as far as mapping software goes I imagine Mapopolis is the creme of the crop from what I'm reading elsewhere(I'm brand new to the Treo and Palm OS)... will have to grab it bundled with iTrek for the GPS nav!!! (But just having the maps on demand versus d/l will be nice)
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    I second FastFrank. Look no further than Directory Assist.
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    Directory Assist is definitely useful with it's additional features... it seems to me though that if you simply want to view a map with the most details, that you'll be best off just using in wide page mode... much more information and more readable than the smaller DA/mapquest optimized mode maps... load up an address in each and see for yourself.
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    I asked Rick Whitt (DA author) about 1 year ago to add ability to see maps in Wide mode.

    I find looking quickly at map 1st and then using directions during driving works best 4 me.

    I wish there was a mode to see large font (I mean LARGE) street names, arrows and distances in driving directions. It is hard to drive and quickly look at fine print.
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    I sent an Email to Rick today describing the latest inputs on Dir Assist.
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    use avantgo.... its free and the browser is optimized for mapquest
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    Great much fater than using directory service; either online or calling them.

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    I wish there were more apps of this kind: hooks that let you run a small Palm application that sends you to the direct URL result in a website. Something like this for google would be great for example, as well as moviefone, pricewatch, ups/fedex tracking, etc.
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    "Flight Status" is another neat program. Simply enter a little data and when the flight is in the air, it will tell you:
    Arrival Time or Landed. This freeware program(donations accepted) was written by a 14 year old. His web site is:
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    Has anyone try the map on EXPRESS? I looked for route from my home to office and it took me 15 minutes out of the way!

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