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    Anyone notice that? The ringtone output from the 650 speaker is distorted (it crackles sometimes). PocketTunes through the 650 speaker is not as loud or clear as the 600.
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    I find the opposite to be true of the four 650's that have come through my house.
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    I agree new treouser. my loudspeaker sucks big time. I'd never thought the 600 loudspeaker would be better
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    i think it's WORLDS better than the 600. in fact that was the reason i returned the treo 600 the first time. With the 650, i hear almost no cracking unless the voluming is ALL the way up which is rare because it's much louder than the 600, and much clearer as well... but who knows? maybe i got a lucky unit. does anyone know if there are different revisions yet? mine's still an "A" so i'm waiting for it to blow up. hehe

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