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    First time poster long time reader hoping you guys can help me out. All I want to be able to do is check my email with versamail. I have that set up fine but when I sync it to my desktop it takes forever to sync all the versamail stuff and I don't even understand what it's syncing to? I don't use outlook and I have 2 Pop emails set up. Why does it take 10 min every time I sync my 650? I know it has something to do with versamail. Anyone have any ideas. I don't need it to sync to anything. I just need to be able to download my mail. Can someone explain how it works.


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    Hey Scott,

    If you're recieving your email via Vision and don't need it to come throug your PC at all, you can disable the syncronication of Versamail during Hotsync in the Custom menu in Hotsync(on your PC). Just right click the icon in the tray and select Custom. Click on Versamail and click Change. Highlight your email accounts and click on the Do Nothing radio button. No click Set as Default. After doing that Hotsync will no longer sync your email stuff.

    Hope that helps!


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