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    Hi all,

    I just got my visor last week (only took three weeks!) Heres my question:

    How much of an issue is it that you cant upgrde the OS like on Palm devices? I'm wondering if I'll be "left behind" by new releases from Palm. If its a big limitation then I know I'm still in time to return my Visor and buy a Palm.

    On the other hand of course, Palm devices dont support the springboard modules so I know its a tradeoff and theres no perfect solution. Nevertheless, I'd appreciate any comments from experienced users,


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    It isn't as important on the Palm's as people may imagine since functionality is the goal of the OS.

    If compared with an OS on a desktop, that's a different story. A desktop OS upgrade either has two main goals, functionality and taking advantage of hardware. Since on a visor the only hardware upgrade would be a springboard and all springboard (assuming) will use the same language and most likely will not change it's not very important.

    With the Palms it seems that software isn't pushing hardware or vice versa so by the time there's another major OS, there will be new hardware that will come with it.

    On a scale of 1 to 10...ten being most important - Importance = 5

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