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    All - I've noticed this happening in both the standard "calendar" application that comes with the 650 as well as in Datebk. Neither one shows the "location" information for an appointment.

    In Outlook, I assign meeting rooms and/or teleconference dial in information and used to be able to see it on my Treo 600 on the screen as part of the appointment as well as accessing it with the "details", "note" function.

    Now, the information is gone - the only thing that displays is the title of the meeting. When clicking for more details, notes all it shows is the text of the appointment request - no location data.

    Help? I believe the 650 has a lite version of Datebk as it's calendar, but I thought the 600 did as well. What changed between the 650 and 600 that would cause this information to be MIA?
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    Handspring licensed a lite version of Datebk3 for the 600, but P1 discontinued it for the 650 and went with their own calender app. You'll also notice floating events and weekly view missing as well.
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    Mine will show location when you into the Details area

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    Location should show on the main line of an appointment:

    Meeting with Mr. Alistar Beckwith (Cabinet Room)

    Also, in the default datebook, Attendees from meeting requests now transfer over and show in the details view of an appointment. This is most excellent.

    Alas, neither is yet possible with MR. CESD's DateBK5.
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    Wow - I couldn't get the location or the attendees to show up on either the default program or Datebk. I've tried searching through preferences on the device, in the programs and in Outlook to see if I've inadvertantly "hid" that feature. No such luck so far....
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