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    Thanks for the great discussion and info - I can't wait for my 650 to arrive!

    I would like to jump into GPS now that I have a 650, but know nothing of current hardware and software. Does anyone have a good site with reviews and comparisons? Also, can I use a Bluetooth GPS and a Bluetooth headset, or switching between them a pain?

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    There are some good discussions here (probably under the Treo 600 or accessories forums) about GPS. I suggest a simple search will get you started. I liked mapopolis on the Treo 600, but I just got the trial. The GPS mouse I bought was for a work project that didn't quite get off the ground.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve-o
    I would like to jump into GPS now that I have a 650, but know nothing of current hardware and software. Does anyone have a good site with reviews and comparisons?
    I've found GPSPassion to be a helpful site, and Semsons seems to be a good place to find hardware and software at a good price. I'm looking at getting a Bluetooth i.Trek GPS to work with the 650, although they are both new devices so I don't know if many people have experience with them working together. I'd like to get the TomTom Navigator software to work with this, but I don't think it is available as software only for Palm yet (currently they only sell the TomTom software + TomTom GPS hardware bundle). Another popular Palm navigation package is Mapopolis Navigator.

    Once you have your GPS, you might check out for a fun hobby where you can make use of it!
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    It's my understanding from the past GPS/650 thread that bluetooth headswt & bluetooth GPS can *not* be used at the same time.
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    Thanks for the great leads.
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    Doug you are correct, i have a 650 using a Clipon BT gps and mapopolis and if a call even comes in you are bumped out of GPS BT connection and all. When I recieve a call and my GPS is running it hoses the BT port and I have to soft reset to reset everything. /shrug thankfully not to many calls while I'm driving and GPS is running.

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    So to avoid getting booted out of GPS, will shutting off the phone during GPS use avoid the potential reset problem?
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    Well, to avoid the problem I'm just waiting for Semsons to get the cable version of the GPS in stock; that way it both charges the phone and powers the GPS simultaneously and allows you to take bluetooth calls while driving.

    They sent me another email saying they expect the T650 cable in January.
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    I am testing a Belkin/Fortuna BT GPS with cotoGPS (GPS testing program). When a call comes in while using the GPS it gets routed to voicemail automatically. No crashes, no dropped GPS connection. I get the voicemail alert when exiting the GPS program. Seems like a reasonable compromise.
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    Cool; I've been looking for a good gps program. I've never used gps but now since I got the treo I definitley want to try it out. Is there a procedure to all this; do i have to download maps and what not. Forgive me for sounding like a noob; just want to try it out. I'm a Real Estate Broker and sometimes I have to travel great distances and this would be real handy.
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    What's the story on GPS?

    I have to take a trip this weekend to upstate NY and some rural areas.

    Is there a combination that works for the 650?

    Ideally, I would like something I can mount in my Jeep, maybe from the windshield, but portable is great, too.

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    Well there is no real story, most BT GPS units seems to work well. I use a fortuna clip on Bt unit and it works good, no great. As far as mapping thats usually buyer preference, mapopolis is great and has a T650 compatible program in beta now (freely distributing it).

    TreoScott I sent you a PM with more info.

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    I got the Delorme Earthmate BlueLogger working. I'm gonna post a review here when I have more time to use it.
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    Anyone here know were to buy TomTom the cheapest?
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    BUYeRETAIL has the bluetooth TomTom package for $228.
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    That's where I got mine from.

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