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    The game is called "Ancient Red", and it is sort of a clone of the PC game "Diablo".
    I am continually amazed at what skilled programmers can cram into a tiny Visor/Pilot. Just check out the screen shots!
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    The pictures look good but when I load it up on my Visor Deluxe, the greyscale graphics appear washed out so I can't see what I'm doing. I've increased the constrast but that doesn't help, nor just playing around with Nostreak hack.

    Actually I notice that other newer commercial games do this too.

    How can I fix this problem?

    -Tears in Rain
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    I stil have another two week to wait for my visor. however the game looks great on the palm emulator. only problim I have with the game is it uses 700k of memory. sence i am only getting a 2 meg visor i dought i willl end up geting this game tell i can afforfd the 8 meg flash.
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    Tears in Rain said
    The pictures look good but when I load it up on my Visor Deluxe, the greyscale graphics appear washed out so I can't see what I'm doing. I've increased the constrast but that doesn't help, nor just playing around with Nostreak hack.
    I don't actually have my visor yet, but from what I've read, if NoStreak doesn't fix it, your only option is to contact the author of the ofending program for a fix.
    You might try FlickerFixDA.

    I get the impression that the problem happens when the programmers try to increase program speed by cheating and writing directly to screen memory. Check out this:

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    I started playing the demo and kept getting a lockup (which required my first paper clip hunt). I just deleted it.

    Looks great, but I can't have my Visor resetting itself.
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    This game, both the demo AND the v1.1 full game locked my system up several times, so in the trash can it went.

    On a side note, I have been having a lot of fun with a palm version of Rogue... I used to spend hours playing that on my amiga (well, it and Moria)... Also Shadowthief is a time killer.

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    Version 1.2 has been posted on Palmgear. It says that the crashes have been fixed (I think).
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    I downloaded the 1.2 demo recently from and installed the 2 files into my Visor Deluxe.

    The problem is that I can't even launch the game. I get this Fatal Error message every time I try to launch it:

    DataMgr.c, Line:4512,Err Getting rec

    The support told me this:
    Please, erase previous version's data(AR-REF) before install new version1.2.
    Data format have been changed.

    But thing is that I haven't installed any other version of Ancient Red than 1.2. Never been able to launch the game!

    The files I can delete is "AncientRed 522K", which I already tried, and then reinstalled the game again without success?

    Is anyone else expiriance this problem?

    Ps. And I have NO hacks installed
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    skenesoft is now up to v1.23 and it still crashes on my visor dlx.

    hackmaster doesn't seem to be the issue. i had the 'nostreakhack' installed. whether i had it on or off. installed or deleted hackmaster, the game crashes all the same.

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    Where can you get this palm emulater that you were talking about jbloodwo? I have been looking everywhere for this .......Can anyone lead me in the right direction??
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    You are talking about the Palm OS Emulator, or POSE.
    Alas, it currently does not work with the Visor ROM. Handspring says it will come out with a version of POSE for the Visor Real Soon Now.
    It is possible to get images of the Palm ROMS (if you don't have a Palm) directly from 3Com, but you have to contact them and sign your life away.

    More details at:
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    In the first of a series of articles on programming the Palm in Java, Java World published an article on the PalmOS Emulator. It is located at:

    As far as having a ROM image for the POSE to use, according to the article, it comes with a program called ROM Transfer.prc, which is a Palm application that can download the ROM image from a Palm device for the emulator to use. Haven't tried it, but don't know why that wouldn't work on a Visor also.
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    If it helps you can buy a book that has the emulator and roms on the CD that comes with the book. It may not be the latest version but what the heck it works

    I cannot remember the EXACT name of the book but it is an O'Reilly book and called something like the ultimate guide to the Palm pilot..I do know it is 2nd edition summer of 1999. You will find it..

    The book itself is fairly basic and contains "how to use some apps etc.." The books is not the great IMHO but the CD is worth it for that and it also has a ton of software from on it as of this summer.

    Just remember that not all software will run under the emulator. Some fails on it but does run on the Visor/Palm itself.

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    I downloaded the full version for $19. But, All I can do is create a character. I can't enter a world . What did I do wrong.
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    did you create a new world?

    did you name your character?

    you also need about 200k above the 710k that the program uses for a swap file.

    the current full version works great on my Visor Deluxe.

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    I have the full 1.1 version and was having problems with it. If I download version 1.27 will I have to pay for another full version or is there a way to bypass it.

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