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    I've noticed when trying to register shareware at PalmGear, there's a field for "Palm User Name" -- does anyone know how this translates to the Visor? I tried the shortcut to display user name and it said "no name available". I'm looking to register Secret! (because it's great), but can't figure out how. Is there something simple I'm missing?

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    The palm user name is the name you gave your Visor when you first HotSync'ed. Go to the HotSync application and in the upper right-hand corner it will display the visor's name.
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    Thanks. Not in the program I'm using, though -- pilotlink for Linux. I'll look through it and see if I can find anything regarding a username there.
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    Look in the HotSync app _on_your_visor_, that is where you will find your user name in the upper right corner.
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    Nothing up there either. I only see the "HotSync" tab in the upper left, and completely blank on the upper right. But in looking through the pilot-link package, I found a program which I can use to set the name. So I just did so. Thanks.
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    I know this is kinda late for you, but you can also use a shorcut .4 command.

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